Full-Service Representation For Your Most Important Legal Issues

Full-Service Representation For Your Most Important Legal Issues

Experienced Child Support Attorneys In Houston

Child support is often a contentious issue for unmarried parents. Parents who are willing to do everything to provide for their children want to make sure they are not being taken advantage of. On the flip side, parents who are at a financial disadvantage want to make sure they are receiving the financial resources necessary to maintain their child’s quality of life.

At The Clark Law Firm, P.C. - Attorney at Law, our family law attorneys combine to offer more than 30 years of experience in family law. We know what it takes to protect the rights of parents and the interests of children in child support cases. We can help you with all child support-related issues including:

  • Determining the proper amount of child support
  • Making sure support obligations mirror custody and visitation rights
  • Modifying child support orders due to a material change in finances
  • Enforcing existing child support orders and collecting back child support
  • Finding solutions for unique costs such as college expenses

You can rely on us to efficiently resolve the issues at play in your case in order to protect your bottom line and make sure your children have the resources they need to thrive.

Ensuring Accurate Child Support Calculations

The formula used to determine child support obligations is not overly complicated. However, it is worthless if the numbers being put into it are not an accurate reflection of a parent’s income and financial situation. Our attorneys have extensive experience with identifying financial assets and making sure child support calculations are based on factual data as well as the unique needs of the children.

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