Full-Service Representation For Your Most Important Legal Issues

Full-Service Representation For Your Most Important Legal Issues

Attorneys Helping You Protect What Matters Most

Nothing is more personal than family law. Whether you are protecting your children, your parental rights or your personal reputation, you cannot afford to settle for less than a proven family law attorney. In Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, you can turn to The Clark Law Firm, P.C. - Attorney at Law for the compassionate counsel and tenacious representation you need to protect what matters most.

Protecting Your Children

Our family law practice includes resolving issues related to the well-being of children and the rights of their parents, including:

  • Paternity: We work with parents in all aspects of paternity actions, including establishing paternity, providing DNA testing and proving paternity fraud.
  • Child support: Our firm’s attorneys help both parents make child support arrangements that benefit their child’s best interests, including child support order modifications, collecting back child support, addressing college expenses and enforcing existing child support orders.
  • Child custody: Child custody suits in Texas are divided into two categories: conservatorship (deciding if one or both parents are responsible for making decisions concerning the child) and possession and access (determining how much time each parent spends with the child).
  • Adoptions: Our attorneys work directly with birth parents (if present) and hopeful adoptive parents to assist in agency, stepparent, grandparent and surrogate adoptions. We have helped numerous families successfully complete the adoption process without delays and unnecessary expenses.

Nothing is more important than protecting the safety and well-being of your children. You can rely on us to fight to assert your parental rights and make sure your children have the resources they need to thrive.

Protecting Your Safety And Reputation

Our attorneys work with clients to have protective orders, often referred to as restraining orders, enforced or dismissed. Our expertise in family lawsuits allows us to aid clients in selecting the type of protective order that best suits their situation, including:

  • Emergency protective order
  • Temporary restraining order
  • Permanent restraining order

Our firm’s attorneys assist each client, their caseworkers and supervisors in all aspects of child protective services (CPS) investigations and cases. You can rely on us to make sure you understand your options, guide you through the process, and limit your court costs as much as possible.

Protecting You In Divorce

The divorce process can be complicated and emotionally taxing. Having our experienced representation can take the guesswork out of it, allowing you to focus your energy and attention where they are needed most. Divorces are complex in nature and can be categorized as collaborative (spouses can reach an amicable decision) and contested (spouses cannot come to a decision). We have an experience of 30 years in divorce and specialize in high-asset cases. We also enforce legal separations and implement pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

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