For a decade now Rob and Richard have assisted me with Child Support issues. I have been in and out of court battles with my ex due to him not paying child support and they get the job done each time. They always have my family’s best interest in mind. Rob is respectful and will take the time to explain the options at hand. Richard will work behind the scenes to get the job done. Once, in court I know I have someone fighting for my rights as a parent and we won’t leave until I prevail. Thank you guys for the long hours y’all have put into fighting for what is owed for my son.
— D.P
This endorsement is based on my personal knowledge of Robert Clark and his assistant Richard Flores’s dedication to the highest standards of jurisprudence, commitment to family values, and their impeccable character.

My family has personally benefited from Mr. Clark’s legal advice and counsel. His understanding and application of the law has consistently demonstrated a profound intellect, sound reasoning, and objectivity along with an acute sense of family values. He is greatly respected among his peers, colleagues, and clients as a seasoned attorney with the highest calibre of professional skills and legal instincts. As a mother and grandmother, I can attest to his experience and skills in serving my son and grandchild for an equitable outcome.

I greatly admired Mr. Clark’s dedication to his clients and his strong work ethics. His commitment to family values is apparent in his professional practice. He has earned my respect and that of my family, we are grateful for his strong convictions, moral compass and knowledge of the law.

Rob is an attorney who listens, then thoroughly and objectively considers all alternatives before making a decision. Mr. Clark has earned the respect from his community and is someone who can be counted on as an exceptional and proficient attorney. My sincere and unending gratitude go to Mr Clark and Mr. Flores.
— C.H.
Our legal system is confusing and slow. I spent almost a year and well over six figures on a child custody case in which my ex-wife was institutionalized for depression and alcohol abuse! Still there was no resolution. That is, until I was given Robert’s name. I told him my situation and we agreed on a very reasonable fee and he went to work. Within a month he had cut to the chase and the case was closed. He is a tough, no-nonsense attorney. He is hard to reach as he has many clients, but always came through in the clutch. He is the guy to call for on tough cases before you waste a lot of time and money. Just wish I had know about him earlier.
— S.C.
For over three years I was stuck in a horrible child support battle and to make matters worse we had one of the worst judges in the state of Texas. I started out with an attorney who was referred to me by a client. I can admit that I had no idea what went on in a family court case so I just went with it.

As time went on, and hearing after hearing, I along with my family and friends saw that my case wasn’t going anywhere. For one my child’s father is very wealthy and the judge seemed to always favor him (or his wallet) and my attorney just was not knowledgable enough on the case law. After we finally got a final ruling from the Judge from hell a friend of mine to me to contact Mr. Clark asap.

I called and spoke with RIchard and I was in the office by Monday morning. Mr. Clark and Richard knew exactly how the judge conducted herself in the courtroom and they knew how unfairly she ruled. Richard and I got together and added up my retroactive and current child support, Mr. Clark negotiated an awesome agreement with my childs father and attorney, and FINALLY my THREE year battle was over.

It was never a dull moment working with Mr. Clark and RIchard. We laughed and talked but they got the job done. I NEVER had to question if they were concerned about the best interest of MY SON! If you are looking for an excellent, knowledgeable, hard ass, legal TEAM please do not make the same mistake I once made. Call Richard and set up an appointment to speak with him and Mr. Clark so you can move on peacefully with your life!!!
— A.S.
Mr. Clark is a great Lawyer. He is aggressive at times but in the court room he knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone which I have already. Richard has always answered my calls and my questions. Thank you Mr. Clark for all you have done for me.
— C.C
Mr. Clark Is currently representing myself in a contested and extremely long and arduous custody battle. Mr. Clark came highly recommended to my mother from some of her colleagues at work. Prior to Mr. Clark I had had two other separate attorneys that were both nightmares. Both of the prior attorney’s took advantage of the BATTLE for their own monetary benefits. The previous attorneys did not care about My son’s and my best interest . The exact opposite Can be said for Mr. Clark. Thanks to Mr. Clark’s professional and caring representation the court, judge and lawyer representing my son’s best interest realized that his father needed to be his primary custodial parent and granted this in a temporary order. Currently, my custody battle is in post judgment scheduled for final orders in a few months. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Clark because thanks to his help my son is being raised full time by his loving father. My son is now excelling in an excellent school with his life-long friends.Even when matters would have driven others crazy, Mr. Clark kept his composure, calmed me down, and worked the problems out instead of escalating the situation. Custody battles are stressful enough so if you are searching for an extremely caring and loyal attorney that will always be in your right corner to make sure you do everything right and stay cool and remain calm please call Mr. Clark. God bless you Mr. Clark.
— Anonymous
I am currently in a custody battle with my ex wife and let me tell you... I am very fortunate to have Rob in my corner. Seeing this guy in action is very comforting. He is very aggressive and he does not take crap from anyone. It seems that everyone in the 311th court knows Rob and they all go to him for advice and answers. He is a straight shooter with his clients and he gives great advice. I truly feel that my son and I are protected well and I really do not worry about going to mediation or court. I sleep better at night knowing that I have Rob representing me. Additionally I found Rob through a family member and that family member was also well represented with a victorious ending. Stop reading these reviews and pic up the phone and call this guy. I sure am glad that I did.
— Child Custody Client
Robert came highly recommended to me by numerous other law firms after I had gone through 4 other lawyers, during my divorce and child custody case. He is without a doubt, the best lawyer that I have had the priviledge to have handle my case. He is extremely honest, proficient, and trustworthy. Because of him, I have had custody of my children for 5 years now. I truely feel that if I had not met and used Robert for my case, I would not have been granted custody. He has been very thorough, and compassionate about my case and I will only have him respresent myself and my family for any future dealings with the court. I have recommended him to several of my friends and distant family and they have all won their cases and have been very pleased and satisfied with Robert.
— R.B.
This review is for Mr. Robert S. Clark. I turned to Mr. Clark to handle a potentially damaging legal matter and he handled it swiftly, using his expertise in Texas law to settle the matter in my favor. Further, Mr. Clark handled himself with integrity as he approached the legal issue in an aggressive and forthright manner — which garnered the result we needed without any further litigation, ultimately preventing the situation from being costly.

I highly recommend Mr. Clark with great enthusiasm.
— Lawsuits & Disputes Client
Mr. Clark represented my son and helped him to get justice in his situation on behalf of his son. Thanks to Mr. Clark’s professional representation the court, judge and lawyer representing my grandson’s best interest realized that his father needed to be his primary custodial parent. We will be forever grateful to Mr. Clark because thanks to his help our precious grandson is being raised full time by his loving, adoring responsible father. We also appreciate that Mr. Clark worked out a payment plan for our son that allowed him to responsibly afford representation on his own. I pray God blesses you for providing fair representation at an affordable cost.
— J.R.
I am writing this recommendation to emphasize my confidence, gratitude, and support of attorney Robert S. Clark. I had a divorce case that was on file for 4 months when my first attorney, who was working toward a decree in what we thought would be an uncontested proceeding, had to suddenly withdraw. For whatever reason and in an ambush styled manner, my ex wife and her attorney decided to make my once simple divorce a very difficult and contested divorce case. Because our agreement was for representation in an UNCONTESTED divorce, my attorney withdrew and I found myself in need of new counsel. I needed counsel who not only knew the law, but also knew how to litigate a very complex case with a equally difficult opponent. I found Mr. Clark via a friend’s recommendation and after calling and briefly discussing my situation with Richard Flores, Mr. Clark’s wonderfully talented paralegal, Mr. Clark agreed to meet with me that day. When I arrived at his office, Mr. Clark, Richard, and I discussed my divorce case and the difficult situation that had arisen. Everything, including property division, child support, and custody was now being contested and worst of all, my ability to be with my children as was once agreed to was now being challenged. From the day Mr Clark agreed to take on my case he impressed me tremendously by demonstrating an astonishing knowledge of the law and a tenacity to do what was right for all parties concerned, especially my children. As a person who has experienced a hellish 2-plus year divorce ordeal, I can say with full confidence that Robert S Clark is an individual who is driven, confident, and extremely competent in the practice of divorce law. Even when matters would have driven others crazy, Mr. Clark kept his head about himself, calmed me down, and worked the problems out instead of escalating the situation. Mr Clark’s high degree of integrity and his tenacity at getting things done the right way ultimately resulted in a fair ending to what had become a miserably difficult divorce.
I know that I can rely on Mr. Clark if I ever need legal counsel on matters that call for prompt and professional attention. For the foregoing reasons and more, I fully recommend attorney Robert S. Clark Sr., P.C.
— K.L.
I had used another attorney prior to Rob for the same case and was not getting anywhere. Rob took my case and got me over what I was asking for. He has also handled several cases for my family members.
— Divorce Client
Mr. Clark is handling my Divorce and Custody case. He has been completely engaged with me as if I were his only case anytime I call. HIs office has responded to my calls, emails and texts with true empathy and compassion. Everything he told me would happen has happened. He pulls no punches. Tells you the truth, what to expect and really takes the time to listen to you. He is someone I trust.

This is a very stressful time and I honestly believe I could not have picked a better Attorney to represent me and the needs of the Children. I highly recommend Mr. Clark
— Anonymous
Robert was extremely helpful establishing our estate and trust for our children. He answered calls after normal business hours to make sure we were informed and kept in the loop. Robert prepared all the documents in a timely fashion and was very responsive to our needs. Will definitely hire Robert again.
— S.P.
Robert Clark has been our family attorney since I was in middle school. He worked my mothers case and my own case very quickly and efficiently. I have referred over ten cases to mr. Clark and he has won them all. Not to mention the father he has worked for and successfully gotten custody of their children. I would refer him to anyone in my eyes he is the best and extremely knowledgeable.
— A.R.
Represented me in a divorce/custody case. Very aggressive. I’ve recommended him to everyone that I know who needs an attorney.
— Anonymous