Estate plans are legally binding documents that provide your family members with one less important decision to make should tragedy occur. Estate plans are created to ensure your wishes are granted in case of sudden death or disability. 

The Clark Law Firm P.C. can craft an estate plan that includes the following components:

  • Probates
  • Living trust
  • Deferring or increasing federal estate taxes
  • Property ownership
  • Family Limited Partnerships


A living will spells out your end of life decisions should you be unable to communicate. Having a living will allows your family to rest assured knowing that your wishes are being respected.


Dependent and independent administration refers to the level of court involvement in an probate case. In dependent administration the court approves every decision for the sale and distribution of property and assets. In dependent administration there is generally a level of distrust between parties. In independent administration, an individual is appointed to make all decisions regarding the estate and report back to the court.