Community Associations are nongovernmental associations within a specific neighborhood or community designed to protect the value of the property and its amenities. These organizations have governing documents to help maintain structure. The Clark Law Firm P.C. works directly with these associations in the following ways:

  • Representation of communities and its respective associations on day-to-day operational and governance issues, including the interpretation and application of community covenants, policies, and procedures.
  • Preparing and reviewing management contracts and contracts for the operation, maintenance, repair of common areas, common elements, and other association owned amenities and facilities.
  • Interpreting, enforcing, and accessing federal documents, including mending governing documents to modernize them or conform them to current law.
  • Assistance assessing collections, such as budgeting, levying special assessments, and establishing reserves and with fiduciary obligations and safeguards.
  • Counseling developer representatives or owner committees in all phases of a community development.


Deed restrictions are private, written agreements that restrict or limit activities that may take place on property in a subdivision.

We can interpret and enforce architectural limitations, maintenance issues, property lines, and more. Call us today with your deed restriction questions and we can discuss how to put our firm's expertise to work and assist you in your case.


Foreclosure involves a lawsuit in which a mortgage company, bank, or other lienholder seizes property to pay off debts owed. In some cases, companies or landlords can commit errors in the foreclosure process or fraud. If you are facing foreclosure due to an unplanned circumstance, The Clark Law Firm P.C. can help:

  • Stop a foreclosure
  • Submit a Chapter 13 plan of reorganization
  • Avoid IRS tax liability
  • Prevent long-term damage to your credit
  • Determine whether to file a Wrongful Foreclosure suit
  • Discover the best possible modification available - including forbearance, loan modification, and short sale


Bylaws outline how an organization will be managed and how it will be run - rules that govern the day-to-day operations. The Clark Law Firm P.C. can help with drafting bylaws or amending them, if you feel your current bylaws are not tailored to your needs. The basic components of bylaws are:

  • An Organization's Name and Location
  • Members
  • Board of Directors
  • Committees
  • Officers
  • Meetings
  • Conflict of Interest