I never had to question if they were concerned about the best interest of my son and I. Call The Clark Law Firm P.C. so you can move on peacefully with your life!
— Ashley


Administering changes in the family structure are one of the hardest and most stressful endeavors to navigate. Our attorneys at The Clark Law Firm P.C. will work directly with you to make the transition as smooth as possible by offering personalized advice and and legal counsel in the following family law areas:

Our attorneys works directly with birth parents (if present) and hopeful adoptive parents to assist in agency, stepparent, grandparent, and surrogate adoptions. We have helped numerous families successfully complete the adoption process without delays and unnecessary expenses. 

Child Support
The Clark Law Firm P.C. helps both parents make an arrangement that benefits the child's best interest. These arrangements include, but are not limited to - visitation stipulations, child support order modifications, collecting back child support, college expenses, and enforcing that court orders are being adhered to. 

Custody Issues
Child custody suits in Texas are divided into two categories: conservatorship (deciding if one or both parents are responsible for making decisions concerning the child) and possession and access (determining how much time each parent spends with the child). 

CPS Investigations and Cases
Our firm's attorneys assist each client, their caseworker, and supervisor in all aspects of the case - understanding their options, creating a mutual resolution, and controlling court costs as much as possible.

Divorces are complex in nature and can be categorized as collaborative (spouses reach an amicable decision) and contested (spouses cannot come to a decision). We have a combined experience of 30 years in divorce and specialize in high-asset cases. We also enforce legal separations and implement pre and postnuptial agreements.

Modifications can be made under certain circumstances to agreements regarding custody, child support, and alimony. Modifications are often complex, so choosing a accomplished practice like The Clark Law Firm P.C. is crucial. 

Paternity is referred to as the legal establishment of a child's biological father. Paternity suits are important for mothers seeking child support and establishing visitation rights and for fathers looking to protect their parental rights.  The Clark Law Firm P.C. works with each of it's clients in all aspects of paternity suits, including establishing paternity, providing DNA testing, paternity fraud, and statutes of limitations. 

Pre/post Nuptial Agreements
A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered in before marriage or a civil union that is intended to protect both parties and their assets. The Clark Law Firm P.C.  can tailor a prenuptial agreement to meet your individual needs. Post nuptials are created after a couple is married. Both agreements spell out how assets will be divided in the case of divorce or separation. 

Protective Orders
The Clark Law Firm P.C. works with clients to have protective orders, often referred to as restraining orders, enforced or dismissed. Our expertise in family law suits allows us to aid clients in selecting the type of protective order that best suits their situation - whether that be an emergency protective order, temporary restraining order, or permanent restraining order.